New day – New life

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Happy birthday to me!

Thanks for everyone for all the gifts! I may not share them all with you, but I have to share a pic of my new friend Joy! <3

It is probably the best part of this day, to wake up and find a ton of wishes waiting for me! You are the best! <3

Every year, I take this day to think about my friends, my dreams, my life and remember how happy I am. Today it is kind of an end to few terms for my goals I have put up in the past. While I haven’t ticked each and every box in the list, the ones that haven’t been fulfilled are still as interesting and fun as the ones that have been. I have finally decided that it is the time to take the leap in my life I have been preparing for for so long.

I am marking today as the beginning of a new chapter in my life. You know the one, where you even flip a page back to see if you haven’t missed anything. That is how different I expect it to be! I have spent time searching for my dreams and testing which ones are the ones that bring the most Joy into my life. Life is mysterious and I am not even going to try to pretend I have figured it all out, however I have never been more confident that what I want to do at this moment is the right choice. Enough suspense? 😀

I can no longer find a single reason not to follow my dream of having a life full of fun, sex and wonderful adventures! Even if you think I have been kinda wild before, I don’t think you can imagine what’s coming. I am sure it will be full of surprises, but I haven’t been ever as excited to take the leap as I am now. Join me! Lets share all the fun, joy, wild sex, inspiring conversations and enlightening stories! Lets try to fill the parts of our life that we feel need it the most and lets do it in a way that makes us appreciate our lives more. Please join me to create experiences that can never be shared, yet which would make for the most interesting story ever!

Lets. Have. FUN!!! <3

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