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Today I am wondering what else I need in order for me to express myself at my best…
Shoes !!! Honestly, this should have been the first thing 😀
According to some studies, we always want to feel alive! All the times we were those clothes, shoes, makeup or jewels that we desired and earned, they always make us feel alive when we wear them! A more personal thought which makes me as happy, is that it is like adoring and decorating oneself. I was told we need to love ourselves. Am I doing it right?
I know some girls find the designer they love and then try to fall in love with the collections they present. I guess I am not that kind of girl. For years I have had an exact image of what my perfect shoes should look like. No I will not share it just yet 😛
However I decided that a good starting point would be to go through different brands and see which look resonates best with me. Funnily it is literally the first luxury brand name I have heard of in my life – Christian Louboutin! You wanna hear how I heard about them? Years ago I had a friend of mine remark when we were talking about the shoes – “If somebody would ever gift me a pair of Louboutins, I would fuck the hell out of them and then some more. After ogling at all the models for an amount of time that I am to embarrassed to admit, I have to say, I understand exactly how my friend felt, I feel exactly the same!!!
Probably an entry level brand that I will pick before my dream shoes(believe me, if you get them for me, I will make it worth your while!) I am thinking to start with some shoes from Bordello. The way my mouth waters when I look at them reminds me of something…
I always thought, my favourite colours are classical with addition of pink, but by now I think I will want them in all the rainbow colours I will be able to find! Is this what an addiction feels like?

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