More shoes!

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I will not tell the brand, but I will share a pic of a pair I have recently bought. I would probably have gone for a more bright colour, but a girl needs to have a chic black pair of heels for the autumn, isn’t it?

Since someone has asked if I am comfortable wearing just heels, the answer is a very strong YES(yes, I haven’t worn a flat pair in the last few years).

I’ve always dreamed of wearing heels, the discovery of myself started when I found a mom’s pair wore them and admired myself in the mirror! It was her dance shoes, black patent leather pumps. she used to wear those stunning stilettos and I was so jealous of her. Didn’t take too long until I had my own(albeit small at the time) feet inside them.

I have to admit, having a perfect fit gives for the best experience. And after getting used to them, it feels so good, I think everyone should try it at least once! What heels do you like the most? Send me a pic of a pair you would be interested in seeing me wearing! Send me a message 😉

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