My site is up!

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After a while, my site is finally up again. This time I went for a bit more beefy server to reduce the loading issues that I had last time. I felt kind’a bad that all previous posts are gone, however to make up for that I have been writing drafts of the posts during last month anyway. I will be posting them during the next few days. Please don’t be too hard with the feedback. A note about something really wrong will be greatly appreciated!

I am really excited! I don’t think this baby of mine will be final anytime soon. I will edit it time to time, to make it even more “me” than it is now and hopefully I won’t crash the whole thing. 😁

Visit often to follow up on me. I have just dumped the older pics for the moment. You have probably already seen most of them. Don’t worry, new ones are going to come gradually together with the posts. I hope you are as excited as I am! 🥳


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