Happy new year! My old phone died….. 😥

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First of all happy new year! I am back from holidays and am excited about all the things ahead! Christmas and New Year’s eve were great! I got some amazing gifts and spent time with great friends. However the year straightaway started with some bad and some good news….
I was going to work and the phone screen was black. I knew it was charged but tried charging it anyway with no response. Plugging into pc had no efect too. It is totally hard bricked and many contacts, messages and photos are gone with it, so I am really sorry, but I will have to make up for the lack of Christmas pictures in some other way.
The good news is that I already ordered a new phone with a MUCH better camera. It should arrive next week and I promise to make some new pictures and show off some of the presents I got for Christmas! I guess the Christmas tree will be missing, but I will try to make up for it in another way…. 😉
I wanted to share my new year’s resolution. I decided, that this year, I will only play with my ass when I am horny. I think I will end up even hornier than before! Beginning day so happened to be Jan 2nd(yes, I know….. I can’t help being a bad girl.), but so far has been over a week and I am quite happy with the results. I am really waiting for a 1 month milestone. New decade – new life! 💖

Love you all! 🥰😘

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