I am back! I missed you all! ?❤

So, I am finally back. Have had some unexpected events and had to deal with all of them at once. All the time I was missing this and am really happy to finally be able to dive in. As I have promised before I have a few pictures I will be posting over a period of time. I really hope you like it and will be waiting for your feedback! ?


Happy new year! My old phone died….. ?

First of all happy new year! I am back from holidays and am excited about all the things ahead! Christmas and New Year’s eve were great! I got some amazing gifts and spent time with great friends. However the year straightaway started with some bad and some good news….
I was going to work and the phone screen was black. I knew it was charged but tried charging it anyway with no response. Plugging into pc had no efect too. It is totally hard bricked and many contacts, messages and photos are gone with it, so I am really sorry, but I will have to make up for the lack of Christmas pictures in some other way.
The good news is that I already ordered a new phone with a MUCH better camera. It should arrive next week and I promise to make some new pictures and show off some of the presents I got for Christmas! I guess the Christmas tree will be missing, but I will try to make up for it in another way…. 😉
I wanted to share my new year’s resolution. I decided, that this year, I will only play with my ass when I am horny. I think I will end up even hornier than before! Beginning day so happened to be Jan 2nd(yes, I know….. I can’t help being a bad girl.), but so far has been over a week and I am quite happy with the results. I am really waiting for a 1 month milestone. New decade – new life! ?

Love you all! ??


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I have been busy with life’s challenges for the last few months. It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster, however now I am happier and hornier, so I guess all is good in the end. Thank you for all the messages you sent me throughout this time, it always raised my spirits. I am beginning some new lifestyle changes even before the beginning of the new year, so be ready for more often updates, more pictures and more stories! Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch. I sometimes take some time to reply, but I try to reply everyone anyway, at least while it is still physically possible. ?
I wish you all merry, joyful and naughty Christmas! Lets swap our Christmas gifts! Love you all ?


My site is up!

After a while, my site is finally up again. This time I went for a bit more beefy server to reduce the loading issues that I had last time. I felt kind’a bad that all previous posts are gone, however to make up for that I have been writing drafts of the posts during last month anyway. I will be posting them during the next few days. Please don’t be too hard with the feedback. A note about something really wrong will be greatly appreciated!

I am really excited! I don’t think this baby of mine will be final anytime soon. I will edit it time to time, to make it even more “me” than it is now and hopefully I won’t crash the whole thing. 😁

Visit often to follow up on me. I have just dumped the older pics for the moment. You have probably already seen most of them. Don’t worry, new ones are going to come gradually together with the posts. I hope you are as excited as I am! 🥳



More shoes!

I will not tell the brand, but I will share a pic of a pair I have recently bought. I would probably have gone for a more bright colour, but a girl needs to have a chic black pair of heels for the autumn, isn’t it?

Since someone has asked if I am comfortable wearing just heels, the answer is a very strong YES(yes, I haven’t worn a flat pair in the last few years).

I’ve always dreamed of wearing heels, the discovery of myself started when I found a mom’s pair wore them and admired myself in the mirror! It was her dance shoes, black patent leather pumps. she used to wear those stunning stilettos and I was so jealous of her. Didn’t take too long until I had my own(albeit small at the time) feet inside them.

I have to admit, having a perfect fit gives for the best experience. And after getting used to them, it feels so good, I think everyone should try it at least once! What heels do you like the most? Send me a pic of a pair you would be interested in seeing me wearing! Send me a message 😉



Today I am wondering what else I need in order for me to express myself at my best…
Shoes !!! Honestly, this should have been the first thing 😀
According to some studies, we always want to feel alive! All the times we were those clothes, shoes, makeup or jewels that we desired and earned, they always make us feel alive when we wear them! A more personal thought which makes me as happy, is that it is like adoring and decorating oneself. I was told we need to love ourselves. Am I doing it right?
I know some girls find the designer they love and then try to fall in love with the collections they present. I guess I am not that kind of girl. For years I have had an exact image of what my perfect shoes should look like. No I will not share it just yet 😛
However I decided that a good starting point would be to go through different brands and see which look resonates best with me. Funnily it is literally the first luxury brand name I have heard of in my life – Christian Louboutin! You wanna hear how I heard about them? Years ago I had a friend of mine remark when we were talking about the shoes – “If somebody would ever gift me a pair of Louboutins, I would fuck the hell out of them and then some more. After ogling at all the models for an amount of time that I am to embarrassed to admit, I have to say, I understand exactly how my friend felt, I feel exactly the same!!!
Probably an entry level brand that I will pick before my dream shoes(believe me, if you get them for me, I will make it worth your while!) I am thinking to start with some shoes from Bordello. The way my mouth waters when I look at them reminds me of something…
I always thought, my favourite colours are classical with addition of pink, but by now I think I will want them in all the rainbow colours I will be able to find! Is this what an addiction feels like?

New day – New life

Happy birthday to me!

Thanks for everyone for all the gifts! I may not share them all with you, but I have to share a pic of my new friend Joy! <3

It is probably the best part of this day, to wake up and find a ton of wishes waiting for me! You are the best! <3

Every year, I take this day to think about my friends, my dreams, my life and remember how happy I am. Today it is kind of an end to few terms for my goals I have put up in the past. While I haven’t ticked each and every box in the list, the ones that haven’t been fulfilled are still as interesting and fun as the ones that have been. I have finally decided that it is the time to take the leap in my life I have been preparing for for so long.

I am marking today as the beginning of a new chapter in my life. You know the one, where you even flip a page back to see if you haven’t missed anything. That is how different I expect it to be! I have spent time searching for my dreams and testing which ones are the ones that bring the most Joy into my life. Life is mysterious and I am not even going to try to pretend I have figured it all out, however I have never been more confident that what I want to do at this moment is the right choice. Enough suspense? 😀

I can no longer find a single reason not to follow my dream of having a life full of fun, sex and wonderful adventures! Even if you think I have been kinda wild before, I don’t think you can imagine what’s coming. I am sure it will be full of surprises, but I haven’t been ever as excited to take the leap as I am now. Join me! Lets share all the fun, joy, wild sex, inspiring conversations and enlightening stories! Lets try to fill the parts of our life that we feel need it the most and lets do it in a way that makes us appreciate our lives more. Please join me to create experiences that can never be shared, yet which would make for the most interesting story ever!

Lets. Have. FUN!!! <3


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